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What Do Teachers Do?

Teachers 1 are responsible for educating students and preparing them for the next grade level-and, eventually, the working world. What specifically teachers do can vary based on the age of the students they teach and whether they teach one subject or all. But, that core duty of providing education remains the same.

Interested in what else a career as a teacher involves? Here's everything you need to know.

Is Becoming a Teacher Worth It?

The short answer: yes! Becoming a teacher can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career choice for people who enjoy helping and inspiring others.

Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2 reports that it's a steady field, with 1.9 million job openings for teachers projected between the years 2014 and 2024.

The stability of the role aside, the majority of teachers get the most satisfaction from knowing that they're shaping the lives of future generations. Reflect back on some of the great teachers you've had and the impact they've made on your life, and you'll easily see what a rewarding position this can be.

What Do Teachers Do When They Are Not Teaching?

While teachers spend a good chunk of their time standing in front of the classroom and leading educational activities, the role of a teacher extends past the regular school day. There's plenty for them to do when they're not actually teaching.

Many teachers also head up extracurricular activities or participate in parent meetings, for example. Additionally, their lesson planning and grading happen outside of normal classroom hours as well. Teachers also occasionally need to provide one-on-one assistance to students who are struggling.

During summer breaks when school is no longer in session, what teachers do with their free time varies based on personal circumstances. Some teach for summer school programs, some find other temporary jobs 3 to supplement their income, and some just enjoy having the summer off!

What Are Some Summer Jobs for Teachers?

For teachers who wish to bring in some extra cash during the summer, there are plenty of job options 4 for teachers.

Because of their background in education, many teachers pick up roles as summer school instructors, tutors, and camp counselors.

Local attractions are also viable options, as teachers are typically only seeking seasonal employment until school is in session once again-which makes them the perfect fit for attractions that are only busy in the summer months.

Additionally, with the thriving gig economy, many teachers can also drive for Uber or Lyft to supplement their income when they're not in the classroom.

What Is a Teachers Federal Credit Union?

A Teachers Federal Credit Union 5 is a member-owned financial institution that was usually only open to past and current employees of a school district and their immediate family members-and sometimes even students and their parents.

However, the limits at many of these credit unions have widened in recent years, meaning that in most cases nearly anybody can join.

Why join? Well, because it's a credit union, members get access to lower cost loans and numerous other financial benefits.

There are plenty of great things that come along with being a teacher-including access to these credit unions and summers off, if you choose to take them. But, above all else, it's knowing that you're educating and inspiring the future generations that's most rewarding of all.

Sound like something that would interest you? Learn from this information, take your next steps, and then find a teaching job 6 !

How Much Does a Teacher Make?

While most teachers will be quick to tell you that their job is about much more than the money, teachers can still expect to earn a decent wage.

Compensation can vary based on what grade level a teacher works with. However, PayScale 7 reports that teachers will fall somewhere within the salary range of $43,626 and $48,947, depending on experience and the age of the children they teach.

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Below are alternative career paths for Teacher jobs with percentages representing overlap in skills for Teacher jobs. If you’ve already mastered the skills required to be a Teacher, then one of the jobs below could be the next career move for you!

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